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Kensington Colston

Kensington Colston AKA "Killa K"" 6'1 class of 24 from Grandbury High School, TX is one of the most electrifying stars I saw all summer. His high energy and hustle is first rate. He can put on a clinic in a flash on both ends. He is cat quick y'all and explosive off the bounce. Once Killa K sets his mind to get down hill it's game over for the defense. That's not over hype, kid is that fast and crafty with sick handles. He is a strong triple threat scoring option. Another dynamic skill is Killa K is a jaw dropping passes. It is a dazzling show to see him threat needles no one else even considers trying.  Killa K has an incredible offensive IQ. And of course the board work and defense. The numbers don't lie, Killa K does it all. You would think there are at least three of him out there at all times because he is everywhere it seems. Last season Killa K averaged 15.4 pts, 5reb and 6ast. He took that to another planet in the AAU session. Killa K averaged 18pts, 9.4reb and 7.4asts. That sets the stage for a breakout upcoming season I will be sure to see in real time. Killa K has set his goals for the upcoming season to lead his team on an historic tournament run that will set the record books for years to come from this small school. Killa K want to win district MVP and more along the pursuit of a championship. Coaches Should know Killa K is ultra competitive and a true leader and with his electrifying talent no one will impact your program more that this young star. Killa K battled D1 talent all summer and still excelled. Don't let the smile fool you, this stud is the truth. Y'all gotta catch his show this season, gonna be worth the watch.


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