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Fierce and Tenacious

Will Breece @Will_Breece, 5'9, 150, c/o 24, from Davidson Academy, TN is yet another dynamic young two-sport stud. He is one of the fastest kids I have set n off the bounce. That blowby speed is insane. Once Will makes up his mind to go, no one can stay in front of him. He can really about that three as well. But that first step is a killer to any defender. Will is an amazing facilitator who can deliver some beautiful passes. But what I love about Will the most is he is the ultimate defensive stud. When the coach calls his number and tells who guard it's game over for that kid. With that speed and quick hands your not beating him. When I say defensively this gem is special, it's an understatement. The biggest improvement in the summer session was his shooting. Wills goal for this upcoming season is to be that game-changer and ultimate glue guy. Hungry to help his team get as much as possible to get as many wins as possible. Will be the most unselfish player out there. But I expect a breakout season after a solid summer run. Coached should know whenever you need a show stopper Will is your guy. And did I mention he can single-handedly dismantle a full-court press? Wills's grit and determination to win are special and they show on the defensive side of the floor. My assessments are mid-level D2. A steal for any NAIA or D3. This being one of my favorite kids to watch, join me at Davidson this season. You won't be disappointed.


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