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Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Diezel Davis @Diezel_Davis7 , 5'10 , 135, c/o 2025, From Okay High Schoole is an electerying young stud that is a lethal shooter yall. I watch this gem right here light is up three straight games. Never forced one shot , but when it left his han ds , you knew ikt was money. Beautiiful touch from from deep but just punishing off the bounce with crazy speed. He got to the rim so fast a blink and you'd miss him. Kid has a very high IQ and is a team first player and picks the perfect moments to do his scoring. And Diezl is one of the most fundamentally sound players out there. He boxes out well, quick to help defense which led to many steal or turnovers that led to easy points . Scrappiest player in the building. Diezel surverys the court with every touch, ifn your the open man or make the right cuts , he will find you. But you cant play off cause he will light you up. Dont let the size fool you. Diezel is a baller. He averaged 17 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 steals oer game. Diezel shoots at a smoking hot 54% from three land. The biggest improvent Diezel made was thequick pull-up from anywhere on the floor. He made it look easy. So natural yall.

Diezel has set the goal of to lead is team to its first ever state championship game and win that trophy. Then follow that up with winning the tournament of champions at the BOK Center in Tulsa. Along the way Diezel wants to average 20 p;oints per game while shooting a blistering 60% from the floor. And the icing is his drive to lockdown the best guards in the state of OK getting there. Thats big goals.

What sets Diezel apart is that evrything he does out theretranslates to any team and makes everyone around him better. Diezel has an insane work ethic and will do what ever it takes to get that win. Never a day off. His heart is bigger than any 7 footer out there and he plays with the edge of a man with something to prove. Diezel loves when oppents doubt him due to is size as he does his best take their respect.

Diezel is a D1 talent despite his size and can compete with anyone. No one will outwork him or out compete him as he tapped into that dig inside that makes him a warrior tough to beat. No back down or quit in him. He can run the offense effectively and be that defensive star . Diezle may be undersized and come from a small school but the spirit of a winner cant be broken. A strong kid of faith in God and in himself,he will be always be a winner. I personally cant wait to see what happens with this guy. So fun to watch.


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