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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Call him showtime

Christopher Kirkpatrick @cmk4_ , 6'2  class of 26 from New Tier in Chicago was the most dazzling scorer I saw in NC over the weekend. Christopher was explosive off the bounce with electrifying crafty moves and finishes.  That change of pace speed is what killed defenders making this helpless to contain him.  That range and consistently to knock down that beautiful rain maker from deep is his greatest strength. But that ability to get shots off in a variety of ways is what sets Christopher apart. Dynamic and creative like artwork can be simply jaw dropping.  As an elite shooter Christopher challenged himself to perfect the ability to score in a variety of ways like the jab step, the pull back, off the bounce or the catch and even the step back to name a few. He scored in bunches. More impressive was Christopher did it unselfishly as he dropped sweet dimes out there as well. It was plain to see he just as content sharing the ball to give his team the opportunity to do their thing out there is well if they had the better shot it made the right cut. I saw poise and tremendous offensive IQ. One of Christopher biggest improvement was his interior footwork that created space and time for floaters, hooks and finishes with either hand and either foot. Mastering getting defenders off balance and out of position. Defensively Christopher can guard 1-4 effectively and takes up the challenge to defend the oppositions best player. Amazing footwork and time with his speed and unexpected strength aid in this regard. Can even defend well off the ball. In this AAU session playing with Fundamental I Christopher averaged 17pts,5reb,4.5 ast and 3stl per game. Last season in JV Christopher averaged 15.5pts,,4.5 ast,,4reb, and 2stls. Christopher has set the goal of starting on the varsity team and averaging 10pts,5teb,4ast per game with less than 2 turnovers game while continuing to develop into a defensive stud everyone fears. Coaches should note Christopher will bring strong work ethic and attention to details along with his amazing skillset to fuel their team as well. With mindset to process everything on the floor in real time quickly with IQ to make the proper adjustments especially in the flow of intense games. Christopher is certainly D1 talent and pushing himself hard everyday to keep getting better while in his heart and mind pursuing greatness with passion and purpose. This young star wants be a complete player and from what I saw in NC, he is certainly on his way. Can't wait to catch another show.


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