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Call Him The Beast

Eric Stephens @eticstephems20, 5'11, 160, Waipahu High School c,/o 24 is absolute best at the receiver. Explosive speed and great hands. Eric is electric playing inside and out. With the amazing route-running ability and natural elusive nature make the first man miss with crafty moves. A constant deep threat with that uncanny speed to get past and behind even elite defenders or simply elevate over them for the tough catch sometimes between two defenders. Eric can lone up at multiple receiver positions anywhere on the field and be a threat. Eric strikes fear in hearts of defenders ad he rises up and makes a catch with any space to make a move knowing his shifty ability and breakaway speed of you miss.

So far Eric has 37 reception for 770 yards and 9 TD averaging 19.7 YPC, 110 YPG. On defense, Eric has 6 tackles, 2 tackles for a loss,2 PBU and 2 kick return a for TDs. The biggest improvement from last season after putting on 30 pounds of muscle to protect him through the physical contact from injury and the ability to be harder to bring down and assure him of playing the next level. Most importantly can more easily power through contact raising his stock even more.

Coaches should know you can count on Eric to work hard on and off the field. Will always lead by example letting his game speak loud and clear to set the tone of performance for everyone else.

Eric is a proven D1 talent and the numbers bear that out. A proven beast and winner that punishes defenders every time out. Can't control or contain him. Would consider every level though knowing he can thrive anywhere, so keeping his options opem.. Keep a close eye on this site. He is a shining star.


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