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Brennan Scott

Brennan Scott @BrennanS_10 ,6'1, 160lbs, class of 24 of Oak Ridge High School is another dynamic guard from a great program known for talent.. Brennan is lightning quick and extremely athletic with serious hops. A silky smooth skillset that finds seams and creative ways to get good shots. He not only scored but can deliver a timely dime and mix it up effectively on the boards. Solid defender ad well. That was the area Brennan improved on the most over the summer.  That's a huge ProOne emphasis. Teamwork and defense are a must. Brennan averaged 9pts,4,reb,3ast, and 2stls. They won the championship for the best of the South tournament in Atlanta . Last season Brennan averaged 16ptd,3ast,4reb and 1stl. Brennan's goals for the upcoming season is simple yet profound, to win the state championship while not focusing at all on any personal achievements. What coaches should know is Brennan can be a prolic scorer but has tremendous court awareness as a whole and that sets him apart from the Brennan bring a strong work ethic and knows he must get stronger and keep perfecting his craft. Never satisfied with just being good but strives to become great. Brennan dreams of D1 but realistically just knows he is talented enough to play college basketball and needs the right fit despite division level. This star is a winner and this oak ridge team will make some serious noise this season. Go check them out.


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